"Neither a slavish imitation of classic design nor a hyper modernist creation pandering to the metal or fusion crowd, Graham has created something beautiful, which feels and plays every bit the top flight boutique instrument and crystallises all that is great about classic guitar design"


- Nick McCabe, The Verve and Black Submarine



It’s a fine guitar with musical, organic sounds, plus the endorsement of one of the most visionary guitar players we’ve ever heard”


- Guitarist Magazine 



"The build quality and attention to detail are as good as it gets"


- World Guitars



"Rarely in ones generation do we encounter such workmanship and class in a product that completely satisfies the owner, but I am here to say that not only am I truly satisfied with this guitar which is an art piece, but this is one of many I will purchase from LUCEM in the years to come.
This is not just a guitar, its more than that, its an extension of your being… Cheers to the LUCEM crew for doing it right..."
-David Tadman, Writer/Producer
"I’d never had a guitar made for me before, and indeed never even come close to considering it until I read of the work of Lucem guitars. It does amaze me that the vast majority of classic designs for guitars appeared within a few years in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Outside of that period, there are only a few oddities that do it for me, until Lucem’s amazing designs came along. Whilst they hint at the designs of the classic era, they absolutely have a thing of their own. The Paradox, for example, looks huge when you see it in photos, but it’s not, it’s something of an optical illusion — it’s light, and it fits exactly what I was looking for — it’s extremely well built, and it’s a guitar that plays like a Fender, but can sound like a Gibson with humbuckers. The added bonus is that it can sound like a Fender with single coils too! That plus added Bigsby and you’re dealing with a combination I’ve never seen in a guitar before. Great work." 
- Keith Watson, person.
"Good to see British guitar making is still world class" - Dave Burrluck, Guitarist Magazine August 2018
"It's a beautiful guitar and it plays great. The workmanship is absolutley second to none. Lots of options with the pickups and controls, it's really versatile" - Neil Halstead, Slowdive
"“The sonic capabilities are practically limitless and fit almost all my many stylistic needs with just one guitar.  The addition of the piezo bridge and MIDI system, all available on their own separate outputs make those possibilities effectively limitless in a way I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of.  All that aside, the playability of this instrument is so amazing it’s just really fun to play, probably the most fun I’ve had with any guitar.”
- John Enroth, Mutato Muzika
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