Wiring Harnesses

We now offer a pre-wired Lucem wiring harness for you to retro-fit into your own instruments. These are designed to offer much of the functionality found in the 5-pot circuits used in our custom guitars, in a circuit that will drop into any LPaul, SG or other 4-pot guitar.


Offering the perfect combination of simple, intuitive familiarity with plenty of control and versatility - It operates as follows:


BRIDGE VOLUME POT - Controls Volume of Bridge Pickup, Pull to split humbucker to single coil.


NECK VOLUME POT  - Controls Volume of Neck Pickup, Pull to split humbucker to single coil.


MASTER VOLUME POT - Provides an overall volume so you can retain control whilst keeping your independent bridge/neck volume pots set / balanced where you want them. A feature requested by Nick McCabe on the first "Old Nick" Paradox for his trade mark "pinkie rolls".

Also pull this pot to put both humbuckers in series with each other. This delivers the fattest tone possible from 2 pickups. (Note - In the series setting the neck humbucker can still be split to single coil but the bridge cannot, pulling the bridge volume pot or switching the three way selector switch to the neck pickup position will act as kill switch).


MASTER TONE POT - Provides a single global tone control.

Pull this to switch from Modern to 50's tone control configuration. This is a subtle feature which moves the tone capacitor from the input lug of the volume pot (as in modern) to the output lug of the volume pot (as in 50's). In Modern the volume and tone controls operate independent from each other, where in the 50's config the volume control effects tone and visa-versa, so they become more interactive. The 50's config maintains more clarity and retains more higher frequencies as the volume is turned down. A personal preference thing which has been the subject of many argument over the years! But.....why not have both!?

Uses Lucem "Snake Oil" high grade POI tone capacitor.


The circuit is designed for 4 conductor (splittable) humbuckers and for use with your existing 3-way selector switch and jack socket. It comes in a range of pot spacings and shaft lengths to fit most guitars. Wiring diagram provided. Can also be supplied with knobs at extra cost, with a wide selection to chose from.


£109.99 including VAT

Guitar Electronics supplied by Six String Supplies........

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