Spirit Animal

Presenting our latest creation the “Spirit Animal” - based around our Visceral hollow bodied, through-neck model this is the ultimate example of what we like to think we do best.... bringing retro into the modern.

Through special collaboration with Tracktion Corporation this concept guitar features a fully functional soft-synth in the form of Tracktions’ superb organic synthesizer “BioTek 2” 

The signature BioTek “wild” X-Y pad is displayed and controlled via a 5” touchscreen... no peripheral control devices are needed.... no external power source is required! All thanks to the genius Raspberry Pi, and a little bit of black magic.

All audio is output via the standard 1/4" jack.... it just plugs in to any amp the same way as any ordinary guitar and you blend between synth and pickups via a pan pot!

The USB socket is for charging the on board Li-ion battery (which lasts around 8 hours!), and a RJ45 Ethernet socket is provided for connectivity and screen sharing....... Although it does also have built in wi-fi!!

Note - this is a concept piece only and not available at the moment, please contact us for further details.

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