Lucem's flagship model "The Paradox" is a fusion of disticnt retro styling and classic off-set design whilst still providing rock solid feel, stability and performance.


Originally offered as a limited-run ‘Old Nick’ model conceived for, and with, ex-Verve guitarist, Nick McCabe.


The Paradox Custom closely follows Nick’s original spec and is built to the highest specifications using the best parts, materials and construction techniques.


The one-piece, quarter sawn Sapele Mahogany through-neck aids in transferring vibration evenly, across the whole frequency range, through the entire instrument, this helps increase sustain and eliminate dead spots.


"Neither a slavish imitation of classic design nor a hyper modernist creation pandering to the metal or fusion crowd, Graham has created something beautiful, which feels and plays every bit the top flight boutique instrument and crystallises all that is great about classic guitar design"


- Nick McCabe, The Verve and Black Submarine


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